Wooden Rainbow World

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Wooden Rainbow World

Make learning colorful with this Stacking Wooden Rainbow for kids!
Let your little one have fun while learning with this Montessori-inspired toy! It has 7 colorful wooden pieces that make up a rainbow when stacked together.
Each piece is brightly-colored and has an easy-to-grasp design which is perfect for tiny hands. This will also help them develop hand-eye coordination and be able to distinguish colors.


  • Rainbow Arch Design

These building blocks can be stacked in a rainbow or in various creative designs to encourage children’s imaginations.

  • Quality Hard Wood

Each piece is made of high-grade wood with non-toxic paint, so it is sturdy and safe for children to play with.

  • Coordination

Thanks to its design, children can develop muscle and hand-to-eye coordination as they play with these building blocks.

  • 7 Different Colors

These blocks come in 7 bright colors for a more visually exciting and fun playtime!


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