Non-stick Pan Ceramic Pancake Maker

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Who does not like pancakes? But perfect pancake making is an art that a few people can master. No worries for the others though, we have a perfect tool for you all that helps you to make delicious pancakes in the perfect shape. This stainless-steel pancake maker with a non-stick base is there to help you make soft, round, and fluffy pancakes. It comes with 2 sturdy handles to flip the cakes easily while cooking.

Prepare the pancake batter, heat the pan, and place this flipping tool on the pan. Pour the batter onto the tool and let them turn brown and then easily flip the side, using two long handles of the pan. This DIY pancake pan has turned the pancake making a cakewalk for all those who love this delicacy. Why don’t you try it?


  • Just add your favorite pancake batter, close the lid, and flip.
  • Easily prepare soft and fluffy pancakes with crispy corners.
  • Small and lightweight that allows you to flip with just one hand.
  • Great for making perfect eggs over easy.
  • French toast, crepe, and more Ideal for making fast and healthy breakfast.
  • It is easy to clean and durable for use.


  • Product material: Stainless steel
  • Wok type: non-stick
  • Capacity: 1-2L
  • Pot size: diameter: approx. 19cm /7.48 in, handle: approx. 15cm/5.91 in

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