Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - Wireless

  • $54.95
  • Save $155.93

 Introducing Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner




  • High-quality Aircraft Alloy that is durable and resistant to impact and innovative portable technology with materialistic design
  • Longer use with new battery cells, 3 power batteries, Triple the usage
  • Alloy motor and pure copper core, strong wind and no excessive heat
  • Washable filter
  • Keep a sharp, clean interior and never have food crumbs, dust or dirt rotting your car again!
  • Get rid of germs, bacteria that might be harboring on your car seats, backrest or carpets by vacuuming your car on the regular.
  • Perfect for Taxi or Cab drivers as it's portable and long-lasting
  • Offers strong, non-bulky suction for the best maneuverability motor and metal turbine.
  • Generous capacity of the transparent trash container, auto-shut-off lid, and design for maximum ease of use.

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