Cat's Tongue Massage Brush

  • $35.95
  • Save $52.04

Aside from their luscious appearance, pets are adorable creatures for the friendly atmosphere they bring and their unwavering loyalty. While there is so much you should give them in return, proper grooming can make their company more comfortable and enjoyable.

The relaxing cat's tongue massage brush successfully simulates the cat's tongue and treats it with the most comfortable and cozy grooming experience!

It's like a barb on the cat's tongue that straightens the hair as you comb it, making your cat and dog look alluring every day.

It mimics the feeling of being cared for by another cat, a feeling every cat loves.


  • 2-end design: With a narrow and a wide end, areas with less hair such as the chin, back and neck can be styled with the narrow end, with the wide end styling the belly and ribs.

  • Tickling Effect: Your pet can enjoy a cute, sensational feeling due to the rubbing of the comb with their skin while styling.

  • Soft and Shiny : The brush removes knots and hairballs, making pet hair shine brighter with a softer texture.

  • Environmentally friendly material: Made of ABS plastic which is known for its environmentally friendly nature.

  • Portable and Lightweight: Are you traveling with your pet? This brush is portable for bags and bags. It's also lightweight and can be ridden seamlessly while combing

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