Digital Therapy Machine

  • $53.95
  • Save $24.04

This Digital Therapy Machine is one of the most effective fat burners and digital pain reliever ever made. The marvelous waveform composition lets you feel a sense of the reality of thumping, massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, naprapathy, cupping, and scraping.

Applied with digital technology, this unit transfers the physical factors necessary to the human body into precise digital signals and conducts comprehensive therapy through computer based on the requirements of the body. In this way, the therapeutic accuracy can be ensured and the therapeutic efficacy can be greatly improved.

  • Effectively remove excess body fat
  • Alleviates back, shoulder, joint pains and relax muscles
  • Eliminate fatigue caused by long time work
  • Enhance blood circulation all over the body
  • Improve sleeping habit and enhances immunity

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