DIY Resin Coaster Mold

  • $23.95
  • Save $13.04

Lack of elegance & uniqueness in the dining room? Create your own crystal resin coaster in a breeze with our DIY silicone resin coaster molds!

These molds have an irregular and unique shape with different color options provided that allow you to make your very own unique designs. Made of non-stick, flexible silicone mold for easy de-molding. Confidently take it off from the mold without breaking or forming any crack.

The high-quality silicone material makes them tear-resistant, durable, and reusable so you can create as many coasters as you like. Great to create everything from home decor to jewelry designs. Such as geode coasters, agate coasters, paperweights, candle holders, wall hanging, etc.

With these resin coaster molds, creativity will never be limited – You can add different materials into the mold such as glitters, sequins, dried flowers/ plants to explore resin art!

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