Eco-Friendly Shopping Trolley Tote Bag

  • $38.95
  • Save $398.16

A shopping bag that can make the bag bigger and smaller by a zipper. This Foldable Shopping Trolley Bag can be used daily for grocery shopping or traveling. It has foldable wheels for you to switch between a shoulder bag or expand to full size as a shopping cart. Reusable grocery bags will stand up its own when fully extended. Whenever you need, just open the zipper on the bag and the shopping bag is stretching. The zipper at the top allows the bag to be of average size without taking up space.

If you have many things, it becomes a practical shopping cart, which is easy to drag along. It looks like an ordinary shopping bag but stylish and small. In fact, it has a large capacity that can hold up to 15kg. It is specially equipped with a metal holder to stabilize the body of the bag.


  • It can be pulled by a single shoulder or a pull rod, easy to carry and can be folded
  • When you don't need it, fold it up and store it easily
  • Use as a tote bag for lightweight items, use as a trolley bag when full and with heavy items
  • Ideal for heavy or bulky shopping, the trolley is easy to maneuver
  • Eco-friendly, reusable and large capacity

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