Elevate Sleeping Leg Support

  • $43.95
  • Save $44.04

If you're looking for a pillow that will alleviate pressure and discomfort from your body, you've found one!

Your spine is the central highway of your body! Which means that if anything goes wrong with it, evything goes wrong!  

Spinal misalignment can lead to many bodily problems! It can affect your daily performance and stop you from being at your best everyday! 


  • REDUCES DISCOMFORT - Our pillow is designed to keep your body aligned throughout the night. It takes the pressure off your back and hips so that you wake up pain-free.
  • SUPPORTS BOTH YOUR LEGS & KNEES - Cushioning and supporting both the legs and knees are important in maintaining proper alignment to help reduce pain. That's exactly what this pillow does!

  • VENTILATED MEMORY FOAM DESIGN - Traditional memory foam pillows absorb the heat from your body while ours is ventilated with air holes to promote great circulation. This keeps you cool and comfortable while you sleep.

  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY - Our ergonomically-sound pillow comfortably moves with you during the night as you sleep. It allows you to freely change positions without slipping out from between your legs. It is made for the curves of both men and women.

  • 2 CONTOUR LEGACY LEG PILLOWS ARE BETTER THAN ONE - For even better support and comfort, you can use 2 of the orthopedic pillows for total leg alignment and support.

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