Foldable Travel Ring Cushion

  • $174.95
  • Save $165.04

This Foldable Pillow has 5 different models, which are perfect for using in different situations.


  • Dozing mode: Great for getting comfortable on a short trip.
  • Snoozing mode: Supports your head higher up, taking the pressure off your neck.
  • Deep sleep mode (slide): The strap can be easily adjusted forward, back or to either side.
  • Table nap mode: Lock the pillows on an angle to each other enabling you to nod off quickly on any table or flat stable surface.
  • Breathe easy: When in the Table Nap and Deep Sleep Modes, Travel Pillow allows you to rest like you are on a massage table with your nose and mouth free to breathe!
  • Deep sleep mode(front): Attaching your harness to the winged headrest, lean forward in your seat, it's like propping your head with your hands, with the feeling of laying in a massage table.

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