Foot Acupuncture Mat

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Release tension and pain of your body by massaging and opening up pain knots on the sole of your feet, which are connected to your whole body. You will feel how the pain releases and your body feels more young and energetic again.

Usual massage techniques and doctors are only able to release the pain for a short time, but it will usually come back very soon and sometimes even stronger than before. You can target exactly and efficiently the pain points which are most important for you by increasing the pressure on them.

    • Lungs - helps with cardiovascular issues and breathing problems like asthma – opens up lungs for deeper and better breath
    • Solar plexus – makes it easier to relax and helps with anxiety 
    • Stomach – better digestion - helps with flatulence and stomach pain
    • Liver – detox the blood and get rid of old blood cells – more energy and less tiredness
    • Kidneys – better controlling of the body hormones like cortisol and adrenalin – less stress and clear mind
    • Brain – Releases and prevents headache and migraines
    • Back - release the stress and tension and loosening up your back. If you are sitting a big time of your day in a chair or the car you want to focus on the pack point.

Restore the balance of your body naturally. You will notice yourself sleeping better and find your mood and sense of wellbeing improving. Find out which parts of your body need the most support and help it heal by itself.

The treatment doesn't affect the organs directly instead of Increasing the energy and circulation to the areas of the organs to help them heal themselves and function better.

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