Foot Massage Lacing Pedal

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Foot Massage Lacing Pedal


Alleviate yourself of your constant foot, calf, or hamstring pain with a gentle stretch within the comfort of your own home.


Restore & Prevent Injuries

  • Foot pain can make what should be a peaceful walk painful and annoying. It becomes something that gets in the way of your daily life.
  • When muscles are not stretched and tighten, this can over time lead to further unwanted issues.
  • For example: An overused plantar fascia, or plantar fasciitis, can lead to calf pain due to the two being connected.
  1. No More Knots & Stiffness
  2. No More Cortisone Injections

Maximizes Effective STretch

  • By placing the foot in the ideal position for dorsiflexion, it greatly improves the stretching of the foot, lower leg, as well as surrounding stabilizing muscles.
  1.  Alleviates Chronic Pain
  2.  Increased Range of Motion
  3.  Maximizes Blood Circulation


Within The Comfort Of Your Home

  • Traditional physical therapy can be expensive, and many times will take up a significant portion of your day.
  • With this you can take advantage of its effective stretching to increase your range of motion, flexibility, and increase blood circulation all within your home.
  • This product is recommended and used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and professional athletes worldwide.

A Long Term Fix

  • Sized universally to allow most shoe sizes, up to men's size 15.
  • With an anti-slip grip placed on the bottom the product can be used on almost any surface be it a gym or an office. Easy to use ergonomic fit.

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