Grain Separate Storage Tank

  • $46.95
  • Save $41.04


  • Divided grid design, classified storage, clear and more assured, all kinds of grains and dried fruits can be stored.
  • The 180° rotation design of the lid is easy to save.
  • The cover is surrounded by a sealing buckle design, and the inner layer of the cover is sealed with a silicone ring to strengthen the seal and effectively prevent moisture and dust.
  • The cover body is provided with a sealed silicone ring, which does not leak liquid, seals and keeps fresh, and prolongs the preservation time of the ingredients.
  • The storage box is made of PP resin, the box is transparent, and it is easy to take at a glance.
  • Wide range of uses, ideal for storage of grains, coffee beans, peanuts, nuts, snacks, tea, and beans, etc., convenient your life.

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