Honey Comb Touch Lights

  • $78.95
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Transform any wall into an illuminated canvas with Honey Comb Touch Modular Lighting System. This wall light features hexagon panels that you can move to create unique artwork. Likewise, the touch sensitive light allows you to come up with any structure by connecting the magnetic edges. Just touch the tile to turn the light on and off. In addition, you can customize lighting levels to achieve the right mood by illuminating just the tiles that you need. Similarly, you can simply swipe the entire surface of the wall to illuminate exactly where you touch. Thanks to its hexagonal shape, HoneyComb Touch can create many different structures, depending on the number of tiles that you use. 

  • Infinite Possibilities - Add an infinite number of tile packs to your setup to have a touch sensitive lighting for a truly dynamic lighting solution that is specific to each and every environment.
  • Easily Mount on Any Surface - You are free to create any shape with our powerful neoydin magnetic mounting system that allows you to freely move and customize your lighting setup to match any mood or vibe.
  • Modular Lighting System - Transform any surface into a unique canvas for illumination using your HoneyComb Touch modular lighting system that lights up with a simple stroke of your hand as the brush.

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