Household Electric Coffee Grinder

  • $106.95
  • Save $67.04

Level up your coffee experience in a very short time with your freshly ground coffee!

  • COFFEE GROUNDS, NOT DUST – It produces properly sized grounds unlike other coffee grinders that overly processes beans into superfine coffee dust.

  • STAINLESS STEEL ULTRA-SHARP BLADE AND CUP CONSTRUCTION – Can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth. At the same time, its structure protects the oils and flavors of your coffee, nuts and spices with a clean grind, every time.

  • QUIET AND FAST – One touch quickly reduces any coffee, grains, spices, nuts to your desired consistency with minimal noise.

  • STYLISH DESIGN FOR YOUR KITCHEN COUNTERTOP – Designed to fit on small space, its sleek portable stainless steel and black exterior will look great on any countertop.
  • SAFETY LOCK – The lid twists on securely, protecting foreign objects (and fingers) from the sharp blades.

Product Specifications:

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