Versatile Massage Chair

  • $5,995.95
  • Save $8,404.93

The World's Most Versatile Massage Chair


This is the world’s most versatile massage chair that combines full-body stretching, accupressure, zero gravity, and heat into an immersive rejuvenating experience. The chair’s 34 auto-wellness programs and five intensity levels are selected from a built-in remote/LCD while its L-Track Unibody design covers the neck all the way down to the glutes—60% more coverage than conventional chairs. Its “bend and stretch” function  relieves pressure on the spine and legs, increasing blood flow to the vertebrae to rejuvenate the lower back while its extendable foot and calf massager automatically adjusts to a user’s height for optimal comfort. Targeted aircells apply your desired level of accupressure to key healing points to manipulate and stretch muscles. Requiring only 2" of wall clearance to pivot seamlessly from its upright position, it reclines to any angle up to zero gravity, which elevates the feet above the heart to spur healing blood flow and reduce back pain caused by pressure on the spine. In concert with this weightless sensation, warm air soothes the lumbar area while massaging nodes work in an innovative orbital motion to target knots in the neck, shoulders, and back from every direction.

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