Lumos Glow Tape

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Don’t be dissatisfied with materials that stop glowing between dusk and dawn. Our "Lumos" Glow Tape is a luminous tape roll that has a natural glow in the dark, requiring no power supply. It simply works by absorbing light from the surrounding area and then giving out light in the dark.

Non-toxic and non-radiative, it is safe to use in-home or stage decor. And it can be used to stick safety signs to the cars, stairs, or other items. With long-lasting adhesive coating, this luminous tape seals tightly and securely. Come up with clever and unique ideas to impress your family and friends.

Reusable: It can be charged over and over again almost indefinitely and will keep working for many years. The first few hours are bright, then gradually dimmed, still visible but faint light. If you think it's not bright enough, you need to charge it again.

Easy to use: In order to achieve a good luminous effect, please note that the glow in the dark tape must be charged about 30 minutes in bright light before each use. It can be charged faster when using those with UV rays in them, like sunlight and black light. Initial brightness is high, then slowly fades off as long as it is in the dark. Expose it to light again and it starts glowing in the dark again.

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