Magic Cleansing Gel

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Dust cleaning gel 

"My brother ordered this cleaning gel because he had complained about his work because the keyboards there are very rarely cleaned (this probably applies to all keyboards outside of the private household). I didn't know this invention at all and was enthusiastic Many positive reviews have also convinced me and I have also ordered the stuff. I really like to use it in the car for inaccessible corners and for the ventilation slots. It works great. Everyone should have something like this. Cleaning is much faster! "says our customer .

Why choose it:

  • Quickly pick up dust and dirt on the surface, e.g. B. laptop, keyboard, keyboard, camera, toys, tools, calculator, printer, air vent, dashboard, window sill, etc.
  • You can effectively clean your keyboard and other devices without leaving any residue in just a few seconds by simply pressing the surface
  • Made from upgraded friendly material: water, ethanol, guar gum. Totally no skin stimulation.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE MATERIAL: This gel keyboard cleaner is made of a very safe and environmentally friendly material. It smells nice with lemon scent. It is non-toxic and does not harm the human body and does not stimulate the skin at all.
  • QUICKLY REMOVE DUST AND POWERFUL CLEANING: This cleaner quickly picks up 95% dirt, dust, crumbs and bacteria on electronic and mechanical devices. It can penetrate any corner to thoroughly clean your devices.
  • SUPER USEFUL AND EASY TO USE: It is easy to carry and can be used anytime anywhere. Simply put the cleaning gel on the surface to be cleaned, press it lightly and then slowly pull it up, the dirt will be removed with the gel.
  • REUSABLE AND DURABLE: This keyboard cleaner can be used several times until the gel turns black. Please put the gel in the sealed box after use and store it in a cool, dry place.
  • UNIVERSAL USE: This multifunctional keyboard cleaner can be used for a variety of devices such as laptops, computers, phones, toys, tools, car vent, printers, calculators, etc.

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