Magic Spin Broom

  • $62.95
  • Save $33.04


This Magic Spin Broom is a 3 in 1 power broom. It acts as a floor scrubber, sweeper, and a dust bin all in one. This innovative cleaning tool has a cylindrical brush and 2 circular brushes on the side pick up dirt on hard to reach areas. The mop's handle is made up of a high grade telescopic stainless steel with a non-slip grip and completely adjustable height to accommodate user preference.

Using a simple push and the spinning power of the broom will provide an effortless and efficient way of cleaning the floor. Ideal for hard floors such as wood, plastic, marble, floor tile, and cement structure except for the carpet.

  • 3 in 1 cleaning and vacuum function
  • Sweep drag all-in-one
  • Premium quality, lightweight materials
  • The 360-degree rotating brush ensures efficiency
  • Special hard brush for all types of hard flooring
  • Can use the mop for sweeping and collecting dust
  • Eco-friendly and could save much energy

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