Magnetic Window Cleaner

  • $43.95
  • Save $24.04

Magnetic Window Cleaner - A smart way to clean windows while saving your time and keeping you safe. The powerful internal magnets lock the two cleaning sides together. So, when you move one side, the other one follows. This window cleaner easily cleans windows that are high and dangerous to reach.

It glides along with your glass and leaving a dry, streak-free, and gleaming window. Only requires warm water and detergent for easy and effortless cleaning. No more dangerous leaning out of windows trying to reach dirty areas.

  • Double-sided design for multiple uses
  • Safety cord on one side to prevent dropping
  • It can be used to clean windows, fish tanks, skylights, patio doors, bedroom windows, and even shower screens, mirror, and tiles
  • Easy to clean, all you need is warm water and plain detergent
  • Note: Glass thickness no more than 6mm

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