Tron Inspired Motorcycle LED Kit

  • $35.94
  • Save $24.94

Get ready to take the LED lighting to the next level that will allow you to customize your motorcycle helmet with an unbelievable light show.

Designed for Maximum Usability
1. Fits full face, open face, modular, half, and motocross helmets.
2. 360° beam is visible up to 600 feet.
3. Three lighting settings: blink, blink fast, and on.
4. No back light shines into the rider's eyes.
5. Adhesive bond to helmet is 'non-solvent' to protect helmet’s warranty.
6. Low operating temperature of -10°F.
7. This product is universal for all kinds of motorcycles in the market.
8. Waterproof design & No Need to drill

Lightrider Also Provides You Additional Safety:
At your highest point when you ride, your helmet is the most visible object that motorists can see. LightRider takes advantage of your helmet’s potential for added protection by surrounding it and you in a very bright field of light.

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