Nail Repair Essence

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Is your nail discolored or thickened? Is it having a bad odor? This can be a sign of fungal nail infection, which is often caused by the same fungus that causes athlete's foot. The fungus infects and feeds on the nail, weakening and undermining its structure. Without treatment, the nail can disintegrate and the infection can spread. Start treating even mild symptoms of fungal nail early to help prevent it getting worse.

Nail problems no more! Restore damaged nails to its perfect health and shape with our Nail Repair Essence. With this treatment, your nails will be healthier and more beautiful than ever.

What can our nail repair essence can do?

  • Avoids and eliminates fungal infection
  • Removes discoloration of nail due to dirt build-up
  • Strengthens and moisturizes brittle nails
  • Repairs cracks


  • Soften your nails by washing with warm water
  • Shake the bottle well
  • Apply small amount of the serum using the dropper around and over your nails
  • Leave it to dry


  • Healing time is 30-60 days
  • Use only as directed
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep away from direct sunlight


Propolis, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Angelica Dahurica, Jewelweed Extract, Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Oil, Frankincense Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Myrrh Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Phenoxyethanol

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