Omelet Maker

  • $89.95
  • Save $59.04

Make the perfect eggs every time with the Egg Master Egg Roll Cooker, a vertical cooking technology that combines a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface surrounded by a heating element. It features a silicone grip that prevents any slips and makes it easy to hold in case you need to turn it upside down to get whatever you're cooking inside.

  • Egg Cooker
  • 220 V/64 W
  • Cool-touch housing with non-slip silicone grip
  • Unique non-stick coating
  • Efficient, energy-saving and high cooking performance
  • Power and ready indicator lights
  • No stove, microwave, or time-consuming clean-up Also cooks pizza rolls, cinnamon rolls, burritos, and more.


  • Place the Omelet Maker on a flat heat-resistant surface and plug the appliance into an electrical wall outlet. The red power light will turn on, indicating that the appliance is on and operational.
  • Allow the appliance to heat until the green light turns on, indicating the device is ready to be used.
  • Once the green light turns on and the appliance is ready to use, hold the unit horizontally and spray non-stick 0% fat cooking spray (about 2 short sprays are recommended) into the cooking chamber, then place the unit upright.
  • Crack open no more than 1 to 2 large eggs directly into the cooking chamber. DO NOT BEAT EGGS.
  • Eggs should rise after 8-9 minutes of cooking. To remove the food, tilt the appliance, and gently prod the food out with a skewer. (For softer eggs, pour out eggs from cooking chamber after cooking for about 5-6 minutes)

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