Pet Hair Remover Roller Brush

  • $35.95
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Hygienic And Convenient, Your Epilator Brush Cleans Instantly

If your pet leaves hair all over your clothes, on your couch, on your duvet and you have trouble getting rid of it? No more! Here is the epilator, the brand new extra-large bristle brush that easily collects dirty hair and animal hair! Its secret lies in thousands of micro-eyelashes hanging from the bottom of the hair. No need to jump the brush several times! The very large surface area of ​​the epilator brush provides maximum efficiency. And its 2 sides allow perfect cleaning, much faster than with another brush.

Simpler and better

Epilator to use daily for all types of coverings, including hard surfaces. Where did your pet leave his hair, clothes, sofas, armchairs, car, cushions, blanket? The epilator will not leave any dirt after it has passed! Just insert it into its storage base. When you take it out, the 2 sides of your brush will be perfectly clean! To empty the self-cleaning base, simply remove the pedestal and pour the hair into your trash can.

Ergonomic design

Thanks to its ergonomics, you can say goodbye to your clothing nightmare because of the brush and its coating which abounds in hairs when passing over a domestic animal. The recovery box allows you to both clean the surface of the brush and empty the stacked bristles.

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