Portable Ice Cube Mold Bottle

  • $57.95
  • Save $32.04

  • The ice cube tray makes 18 large ice cubes and can be easily carried anywhere because it keeps your ice, well ... ice for longer. Enjoy your favorite ice cold drink anywhere.
  • Easy to use:This ice cream maker is easy to use and use. It fills like a bottle and it's easy to serve ice cubes one by one. Enjoy slow melting ice cubes from the airtight container anywhere with no freezer odors.
  • LIMITED MELTING: The effective thermo container limits melting even after hours exposed to room temperature. It's perfect for adding a little extra-cool magic anywhere, whether you're in a hot tub with someone special, on a camping trip with your family, enjoying the summer sun with friends, or even traveling the world.
  • Optimal Space: POP ​​is designed to be stacked in the freezer in any position and is created to be the optimal space.
  • Safe and friendly:Made of 100% non-toxic, BPA-free food grade rubber and plastic, safe for you, your family and friends. Plus, the magic ice cream is super durable and dishwasher safe, so you never have to replace it. Chill any of your favorite beverages: whiskey, craft cocktails, juices, iced coffee, or water!

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