Portable Iron Steamer

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Professional Garment Steamer

Keep your clothes all neat and wrinkle-free with this Portable Handheld Steam Iron!

Say goodbye to the hassles of your old ironing ways and do so much more.

Incredible heating time is only about 1 minute, Garment steamer gives you an astonishing 14 minutes of continuous steaming.

Sterilizing and Killing Bacteria

Household steamer with fast heat-up can kill up to 99.9% of germs without the use of harsh chemicals.

Children's toys, plush toys, mattresses, curtains, bath towels, such as the use of high temperature to kill mites and harmful bacteria, so that your family healthier.

  1. Pour some water (Not more than 100ml).
  2. Adjust the dial to the appropriate setting.
  3. Plug the iron and wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Push the steam button intermittently.

Effortless Ironing And Sterilization With The Convenient Features & Functions Of This Innovative Device With 2 Modes:

  • Powerful steam and fast heating.
  • Steam direct-injection technology.
  • Specialized for different fabric clothing and remove wrinkles, odors and kill bacteria, germ
  • Iron Mode: Effortlessly iron out wrinkles smoothly on your ironing board.
  • Blasting Steam Mode: Use it to blow away creases on your clothes while getting rid of bacteria when you use it as a steamer for ironing, sterilizing and cleaning.

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