Portable Mouse Pad

  • $25.95
  • Save $40.04

The armrest  for the computer makes using the computer more convenient and cheaper. When you use them, you can protect your eyesight and feel very comfortable. The armrest is also of high quality and therefore it has a long period of use.


  • Durable: The material of the armrest are rubber and ABS and is very high quality. You can therefore use them for a very long time.
  • Portable: The armrest  is very small and light. If you go on a trip or travel on business, you can alsobringthe armrest  withyou. This is very cheap.
  • Useful for eyesight:  With the use of the armrest  you can control the distance between the computer and eyes and is useful for eyesight.
  • Multifunctional: The armrest  can be used with the table or chair. It's very multifunctional and cheap. When using it, the pressure on people can be reduced.

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