Portable Urinal For Kids

  • $20.95
  • Save $35.04

The call of nature is a physiological need. However, it can be really inconvenient to just let your children go do their business whenever they feel the urge to do so, especially during situations where toilet facilities are not easily available.

With this Portable Urinal for Kids, you can let your child answer the call of nature at places they would not normally be able to do so with the added benefit of urinating while standing. A very useful must-have for future camping trips, outdoor activities such as going to the park, or just have one to use in the event of an emergency.


  • Available in two styles; the yellow for boys and the red for girls

  • Leak-proof design, leak-proof isolation cover design to prevent leakage of liquid

  • The mouth of the pot is sealed with silicone ring to ensure no leakage or no odor

  • The opening of the pot adopts press button design, more convenient to use

  • Save time for long queues in public toilets

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