Portable Pocket Guitar

  • $45.94
  • Save $54.94

The Pocket Guitar allows you to carry a guitar everywhere you go.

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Now you can silently practice your riffs and chords anywhere, anytime! 

This awesome gadget has been carefully designed to mimic a real guitar built with a real mahogany effect fretboard, with 4 frets. The steel strings can be removed, replaced, loosened or tightened as needed. It is just like any real guitar - only totally portable and quiet so it will not disturb others around you.

The Pocket Guitar is ideal for practicing scales, chords and riffs, building your finger memory and also toughening them up. What's more is that it's incredibly fun and addictive to play with! Grab one now so that you can silently practice on the bus, in a taxi, in your lunch break at work - virtually anywhere! 

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