Slipper Mop Shoes

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Tired of bending down and hunching your back to clean your floors? Well, say no more. With this incredible pair of Slipper Mop Shoes, you can get more done around your home by just walking around. These slipper mop shoes lets you clean your house without making it feel like you’re actually working. All you have to do is wear the slipper mop shoes and walk around your house and you get a squeaky clean floor! It’s also a low-key great exercise for a busy person like you. You can even ask the other members of your household to participate by letting them wear their own pair of slipper mop shoes so when they walk around, they get to do the cleaning. These are the most comfortable and convenient cleaning tool ever! You can enjoy cleaning by walking while reading your favorite book, watching movie on your phone, or even dance to your favorite song! You can also make it a family activity - having fun while cleaning, now that sounds like a blast!

- It has good dust absorption which makes it easier to clean floors.
- With the built-in elastic band, the shoe covers can be put on your shoes in different sizes to act as lazy drag shoes to mop the floors, not scratch floors.
- Can also be covered on the mop to act as a mop cap for mopping the floor
- It has good water absorption 5 time greater than a regular textile.
- Perfect for mopping wood, ceramic tile and vinyl floors.
- It’s made of soft chenille fiber that is machine washable and anti-resistant for longer usage.
- These slippers can clean the utmost corner of the house and reach places where mops cannot.
- It has fluffy microfiber fingers on the soles that grab dog hair, gather dust bunnies and collect dirt to clean the floor.
- A Velcro fastener attaches the cleaning cloth to the slipper, and it can be easily removed from the slipper to shake dust and dirt off before more cleaning.

1. One size fits most. Simply slip in the slipper mop shoes on your feet or with your shoes on and walk through your home.
2. Because of its size and shape, you can clean where your broom or mop might not be able to reach.
3. To wash, use washing machine and put it in the dryer for only a few minutes and then air dry flat.

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