Smart Robot Cleaner

  • $711.95
  • Save $682.04

A breakthrough in cleaning technology, the Smart Robot Cleaner is all you need to keep your floors effortlessly tidy and neat at all times. Spend your time in more important things instead of exhausting yourself from sweeping and vacuuming your floors every now and then.

It cleans every nook and cranny of your floor, even those hard to reach areas, and underneath your furniture.

Its smart design enables it to detect any obstacle like chairs, walls, corners, and the like, allowing it to auto re-direct itself and switch directions on its own. It won't even fall off an edge!

It works on all types of flat surfaces and will clean even the dustiest carpets.

The low-noise feature allows it to operate silently, it won't disturb you even when you leave it running as you doze off. You can even leave it during the day when you leave for work and return home to squeaky, clean floors! Effortless cleaning at its best. You deserve to lay on your couch after a long day's work so go and get one now!

  • The robotic cleaner effectively picks up dirt, pet hair and dust from wooden floors, marble floors, and nylon flooring
  • Capable of identifying dangerous place such as a desk, and turn direction automatically
  • Ideal for cleaning the floor, corners, and crannies
  • Efficiently picking up hair, dust, and dirt in all those annoying nooks and crannies under furniture
  • The cleaner robot runs automatically around home to adsorb the dust and dirt with the microfiber tissue
  • The microfiber tissue could be removed to clean
  • Easy to clean, all you need to do is to clean the microfiber tissue
  • Easy operation, can not be affected by a blockage
  • Perfect for someone who doesn't like to sweep the house

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