Solar System Crystal Ball

  • $47.95
  • Save $51.04

Experience the Solar System like never before with the 3D Solar System Crystal Ball, it gives you a 360° view of the beautiful Solar System that we live in with extreme detail.

The solar system crystal ball creates a highly realistic view of the planets, including Earth, all labeled with a beautiful white engraving. When a light is placed below it, the planet’s laser engravings detail will illuminate, making it the perfect desk ornament or night light.

This sphere 3D miniature has the solar system inside of the crystal ball including 8 planets (but not Pluto since it’s no longer considered a planet).

Its made entirely of beautiful K9 crystal, with an option of three bases, the glass square base or a three-legged metal base with a gold or silver plated finish. Whatever you choose, this will be your new favorite decor piece.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, this is a beautiful gift for anyone interested in crystals or for astronomy lovers and sky gazers, watch their eyes glow when they open it up and see the Planets of our Solar System before them like never before!

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