Spring Pipe Cleaning Tool

  • $21.95
  • Save $38.04

Do you have trouble in cleaning clogs in drain, sink, tubs? Choose our drain cleaner, doing housework without dirtying your hands.

1. Quality iron wire and pp material.
2. Flexible spring cable and retractable claws
3. Long enough to get deep into drains.
4. Remove any clogs and debris.
5. For kitchen, bathroom, sinks, drain, tubs, etc.

1. Durable: The cleaner is made of iron wire and PP(Polypropylene), providing high durability.
2. Tight gripper: With flexible and bendable spring cable on the top and retractable claws on the bottom, the cleaner can grip any blockage tightly.
3. Long enough: The remover is long enough to get real deep into drains to remove any clogs and debris.
4. Smooth: The surface of the cleaner has been polished so that the pipe would not be damaged.
5. PP handle, easy to hold and pinch. With the help of them, doing housework without dirtying your hands. 
6. The kitchen clog remover is suitable for daily use, and can effectively collect particles such as food to prevent the sink from clogging. Applicable for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, tubs, and dredging pipe, drain, sewers, and other places clogged often.

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