Sun Shade Sail

  • $55.95
  • Save $26.04

Love to hang outside but the summer heat is just unbearable?

This Patio Awning Sun Shade Sail allows you to enjoy the outdoors on your patio and garden without burning you to a crisp under the sun. The sunshade provides enough shade for you without obstructing any of your views and fresh air. It also works well to provide coverage when it's raining! You wouldn't want any of your barbecue pit and outdoor chairs to get wet right?

Blocks Harmful UV Rays: Breathable fabric results in significant temperature reduction underneath the sail, blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays,(Effective harmful UV blocking protecting you and your loved ones)

Waterproof: The sail is durable and waterproof even under harsh weather conditions. Having a shade prevents your outdoor furniture from getting worn out by the weather conditions.

Easy Installation: Is very flexible and works with various hardware. As long as you have stable mounting points, it could be poles, trees, roof, etc. which are not included.


Size: 9.8ft x 9.8ft x 9.8ft/13ft x 13ft  x 13ft
UV protection rate: up to 95%
Shading rate: 90%
Accessories: free giving durable rope*3 (triangle)
Package: packed in polybag with carry handles

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