Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

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This cool kitchen gadget has different interchangeable knife heads that meet all your needs for cutting, slicing and shredding, and even make mushy vegetables or mashed potatoes.

The vegetable slicer features a unique 2-layer rotating drainage function that allows you to clean the vegetables directly through the drainage system after cutting the vegetables. Skip the tedious cleaning process and make your cleaning easier.

  • 1/16 '' (2mm) silk cutter head: This fine shredder is delicate, suitable for making coleslaw
  • 1/8 '' (3mm) silk cutter head: This shredder is suitable for making coloring or frying
  • 3/16 '' (4mm) silk cutter head: This thick shredder cuts veggie into thick silk for stir-fry carrot strips, potato strips, or cucumber strips
  • 1/16 '' (1.5mm) thin-film slicer: Suitable for making the veggie thin film
  • 1/8 '' (2.5mm) thick film slicer: Suitable for making a thick film such as potato thick slice
  • Grid film slicer: Easy to slice the potato in grid shape film for deep-frying
  • Grater: For making grated ginger, garlic, or cheese without chopping, easy and labor-saving
  • Vegetable peeler: Easy to peel at home
  • Size: 22 x 22 x 11cm
  • Weight: 680g
  • Package includes: 1 X Vegetable Cutter with Drain Basket, 7 x blades; 1 x  peeler, 1 x hand guard

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