Wireless Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker

  • $32.95
  • Save $23.04

If you are looking for a small, portable Bluetooth speaker that can get the job done without spending a lot, this is certainly worth taking a look at. Audio quality is really quite respectable, given the speaker’s size.

Loud enough to fill a room or an outdoor entertainment space without distortion and also has a bit of bass.

In total, there are three buttons, each of which handles multiple functions. One button is at the top of the speaker. Hold this one down for a few seconds to turn the speaker on, which automatically enables pairing mode for the Bluetooth function.

The two eyes are buttons as well. The left one acts as a previous song button, while the other skips to the next track. Hold down the left eye button to decrease the speaker’s volume, or hold the other to increase it.

You can leave the speaker volume to the maximum option and controlling the actual audio using the device you’re playing from.

  • Lightweight and portable fits in your pocket
  • Hands-free support
  • Easy-to-use controls for music playback and answering phone calls
  • Built-in crystal clear quality Mic
  • Streams music from any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Micro USB port for convenient recharging with built-in Lithium battery
  • Come with sucker can be a phone stand holder

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